How about I just stop here?

23 Jun

The House in the Old Wood coverLook, I’m having some trouble wrapping this series up. Anyone mind if I just stop here, at four books?

It’s been a pretty good series, right? And I’ve heard from a number of folks that they really like Book 4, The Dwarf’s Legacy. So maybe I should stop while I’m ahead.

No? You wouldn’t like that?

OK, so seriously, there’s no way I’d ever do that to you. At the same time, I’m struggling with two specific plot points that need to be wrapped up in the fifth and final book, The White-Silver House. And wrapped up well. I really don’t want to give you a contrived, forced or unsatisfying ending.

There are two authors whose work I will never read again because of their lousy endings. Both create these endlessly complex plots that leave readers wondering how they’re going to wrap it all up.

One resolves every single stinking story with a huge battle where the hero and his friends come out unscathed, but all the bad guys die.

The other is even worse. It was a dream, or an alternate reality, and look, now everything is fine!


So I will keep working to find a good, convincing way to wrap up not only the main story, but these two niggling little plot points.

Oh, and by the way … I hate it when I’m reading a book and I can see an ending coming from Tuscaloosa. So maybe you think you know how this series is going to end. After all, I’ve been foreshadowing the ending since Book 1, The House in the Old Wood.

But the story has already taken a number of twists and turns, right? And perhaps you’ve missed some of the foreshadowing. Or you’re taking something for foreshadowing, when it isn’t.


I have to finish this series, if only to see the look on your face.

So please tell your friends they can enjoy the journey too, and the ending will not disappoint.

Here’s where they can start: The House in the Old Wood.

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