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Books now available locally

19 May
Bookmark It sponsored the book fair I was at Sunday, and now carries my books.

Bookmark It sponsored the book fair I was at Sunday, and now carries my books.

You can now purchase my books in Orlando at Bookmark It in the East End Market.

That’s all four books that have been released in the series, The Day Magic Died:

  • The House in the Old Wood
  • Karia’s Path
  • The Hall of the Prophetess
  • The Dwarf’s Legacy

As well as the first Nascent Payne mystery, The sort-of Murder of Fiona Galloway.

They are, of course, also available on Amazon. And that’s the only place to get the Kindle version. But if you want a paperback and you live in the Orlando area, you now have an option besides buying directly from me.

I encourage you to visit Bookmark It; it’s a great locally oriented shop, where you can find books from a number of Orlando-area authors.

Looking forward …

14 May

TWSH-coverI am back from my time in the woods and on vacation, and made great progress on Book 5, The White-Silver House.

I’ve mentioned before that I drafted all five books in the series The Day Magic Died before I released the first one, The House in the Old Wood. (Actually, I drafted six books. But the fifth book seemed to wander around and make no progress, so I cut out the last 80 chapters and merged Books 5 and 6.)

All of the drafts needed a lot of work before they were ready to publish, and Book 4, The Dwarf’s Legacy, required an extensive rewrite. Book 5, I thought, was very close.

I was correct, but …

The draft of Book 5 opened well after the events of Book 4. It seemed, as I read it, to leave too many questions unanswered. Then the setting for the first part of the book didn’t seem to work very well. So I have begun revising the book so it begins almost immediately at the ending of Book 4, and moves to a different setting … one that involves The Black. (No more about that yet … you’ll have to wait until the book comes out to find out more.)

And in addition to the cover posted above, I’ve also updated my description of the book on my Books page:

Reaching the halfway point in her quest is not exactly satisfying to Karia. It’s not simply a matter of convincing the rest of the First Ones to go along with her plan – as if any part of that is going to be simple. It’s also a question of how final the ending is for Karia personally. Must she die? Is there any other way to remove magic from the world? Or perhaps to remove its malignancy?

Perhaps the answer lies in the strange properties of white silver.

I’m still working toward releasing the fifth and final book this summer.

Book 4 NOT coming May 12 …

2 May

Wow. I am so sorry to have to tell you this. But here it is:

Book 4, The Dwarf’s Legacy, will not be coming out May 12.

That’s because it’s out … NOW!  It’s available for Kindle, and in paperback.

So get your copy, tell your friends, cajole your family, and buy a copy for your enemies because there are few things worse than having just the fourth book in a series!

Get The Dwarf’s Legacy (The Day Magic Died, Book 4)

We should talk …

28 Apr

The Day Magic DiedDo you have questions about the books? Things you want to talk about? Want to get your copy signed, or buy a signed copy?

You have three opportunities coming up.

May 2: Meet the author, Fairburn, Georgia (Atlanta area). Location to be determined. Don’t be shy; even if it’s just one or two, I’d be glad to get together with you. Get more information, or let me know you’re coming.

May 9: Meet the author, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Same deal: Location to be determined. Don’t be shy; even if it’s just one or two, I’d be glad to get together with you. Get more information, or let me know you’re coming.

May 18: Summer Book Fair, Bookmark It, Orlando, Florida. I’ll have a table there, and I expect to have copies of Book 4, The Dwarf’s Legacy, along with the other three books in the series that are out. Find out more.

I hope to see you at one of these events. Or contact me, and perhaps we can schedule something.

Book 4 due out May 12

26 Apr
The Dwarf's Legacy

“The Dwarf’s Legacy” is due out May 12.

I anticipate The Dwarf’s Legacy – the fourth of five books in the series The Day Magic Died – will be available in paperback and Kindle format on May 12.


Let’s start with the cover, since that’s right here on this blog.

I should not have offered you five cover mockups to vote on. My mistake. None received a majority of the votes. The plainest one received the most votes – six – but the two with the series logo, name and number at the top received a total of seven votes. That’s not clear direction. If I had offered you two or three choices, you would have been equipped to provide solid feedback. I apologize.

So I talked with a marketing consultant. I chatted with my designer. I conferred with my wife.

What I wanted to do was get the logo, series name and book number on the cover. I want to at least hint that this is not so much five stories in one series, as one story in five books.

But the primary purpose of the cover is to grab attention and get people to read the title. (The only exception is for a famous author, whose name is the biggest thing on the cover. I’m not there yet. Let’s not dwell on how far away from that I am, OK?)

In the mockups, the number and logo were so large they distracted from the title. So I made them much smaller. I tried putting them above the title, below the title, and below my name. Each time, the design looked unbalanced, and the series bar seemed to distract from the title.

But a funny thing happened as I moved the series bar. I stopped in the middle. And I smiled.

I think this placement – which I have been able to replicate with each of the titles – draws the reader’s attention to the title first and foremost. So I am happy with the cover, and with the new covers for the other books. I hope you like them too.

Now then, what about the insides? The book itself?

Last Sunday I finished correcting all the mistakes found in proofreading. Monday I sent the manuscript to an avid follower of the series who has not been involved in editing until this point.

Friday she sent me a list of about a dozen areas that needed more attention. None were major, but each was enough to “throw” a reader, so it’s good to have those brought to my attention.

First thing this morning, I went through the book and addressed all those issues. Now my wife will proofread those sections again. I anticipate making the final corrections today.

Then what?

1. Format for paperback: I have to copy and paste the book into a template, then adjust it. This should not be very difficult or take long.

2. Format for Kindle: This is a bit more complex. It’s easy to make an ebook. It takes some effort to make a properly formatted ebook. I write in Word, and if I go straight from Word to Kindle … yuck! I have to convert the Word file to HTML, edit the HTML, convert the HTML file to Mobipocket .prc format, then upload that.

3. Checking and proofing: Amazon’s Createspace division has to check and approve the paperback. Amazon’s Kindle division has to check and approve the ebook. And I need to order a paperback proof, go through it, and approve it for sale.

How long will all that take? I anticipate two weeks, and thus, I expect The Dwarf’s Legacy to be available May 12.

Permit me to again apologize for the delay. I have endeavored to make this a book worth your wait.

In the meantime, watch for updates … and a promotion or two!

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