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What if all you had was rice and beans?

21 Dec

If you’ve read Karia’s Path, the second book in the series The Day Magic Died, you might remember this passage:

As the afternoon drew to a close and the sun sank toward the horizon, the trees began to thin again. The swamp became shallower, and there were more and more open patches with reeds. When they came upon a relatively dry patch of ground about an hour before sunset, they decided to make camp. Happily, this dry patch had a few trees, so that meant a place for the hammock and dry sticks scattered around on the ground for a fire.

Since it was still light, they got a fire going and she cooked some hinarka and kariki the way Karia’s mom cooked it for her dad. She was very pleased when Gerik liked it, and she realized this was the first time she had cooked for him. This was not exactly the dish she would have chosen, or the place, but it still seemed rather romantic.

Rice and beans – or in this case, hinarka and kariki – was all Karia had to cook.

That’s how it is for many poor people in Nicaragua. Living on $2 a day doesn’t provide for much more than what is absolutely necessary. So receiving $1 worth of rice and beans is a big deal for them – a big help with their daily costs of living.

This month, $1 from the sale of each book in my series, The Day Magic Died, will go to Rice & Beans Foundation. They’ll use 100 percent of those funds to provide rice and beans to needy families in Nicaragua.

Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell complete strangers.

Enjoy the journey and feed a family.

Free paperbacks on their way

20 Dec

The House in the Old Wood coverCongratulations to the 12 winners of free paperback editions of The House in the Old Wood, courtesy of Goodreads.

Thanks to all the folks who shared the giveaway on Facebook and other places, and to the 811 who entered the giveaway.

If you were one of the 799 who didn’t win a copy, and especially if you’re one of the 392 who put The House in the Old Wood on their “to read” list, there’s no better time to get a copy than now. That’s because this month, $1 from the sale of each book in the series The Day Magic Died will help feed needy people.

In fact, that $1 will feed a family for a day in Nicaragua, where Rice & Beans Foundation will use 100 percent of the funds to buy rice and beans for needy families.

So enjoy the journey and feed a family.

Update on Book Four

19 Dec

Since several people have asked about Book 4, The Dwarf’s Legacy, I thought I ought to give you an update.

I just wish I had more to say about it.

The last couple of times I talked about it, I said the dwarf was giving me fits. I was stalled on a serious revision.

The good news is, I know exactly what I need to do. I’ve charted out what needs to happen and when and who needs to do what in order to get the book where it needs to go.

The bad news is, I have not found the time or energy to print the book out, pull it apart, scribble all over it and put it back together. The end of the year is a busy time in my work, and it’s been busier this year as I’ve scrambled to also support relief efforts in the Philippines. It’s rewarding — but also quite draining — to write and revise and update and edit again and again on such important topics, and it’s left with me with little time and even less energy to write.

I’m hoping that in one or two of my days off leading up to Christmas I’ll be able to get back to the book.

I believe I am still on track for a February release, but it most likely will be late February.

Still time to win a paperback

18 Dec

The House in the Old Wood coverYou still have a few days to enter a drawing for a free paperback of The House in the Old Wood.

The giveaway is going on over at Goodreads. If you’re not familiar with Goodreads, it’s a great community of people who like to read. If you like to read, you should check it out.

Twelve lucky people will receive a free paperback version of the first book of the series, The Day Magic Died. Already, 375 people have entered, but you still have a better-than-3 percent chance of winning one. Those are pretty good odds, all things considered. If my math is right. And please remember, I am a writer, not a mathematician. See, I just proved it: I knew how to spell mathematician.

Anyway, you can enter through Friday, Dec. 20, and I plan to ship the books out on Dec. 26. Sort of like a late Christmas gift. Enter here.

But keep in mind, if you want a paperback and you don’t win one, you can help feed a family. For every December purchase of a paperback or Kindle edition of The House in the Old Wood, Karia’s Path or The Hall of the Prophetess, $1 will go to Rice & Beans Foundation to feed needy families in Nicaragua, where a dollar buys enough rice and beans for a day.

Ten families fed, thanks to you

17 Dec

Thank you!

You are already feeding ten families for a week!

That’s the amount of rice and beans that Rice & Beans Foundation will be able to purchase because you’ve chosen to enjoy the journey this month. In December, $1 from each purchase of any book in my series, The Day Magic Died, is going to feed needy people in Nicaragua. Each dollar provides enough to feed a family for a day.

Think about that for a moment. Already you’ve provided the equivalent of enough rice and beans to feed ten families, not for a day, but for a week each.

We’re past the middle of the month, so I think we’re on track to perhaps feed 15 families for a week by the time we’re done. This is great. Thank you for working together to help others.

But do you think maybe we can push together to feed 20 families?

Would you invite your friends to enjoy the journey and feed a family? Will you encourage them to buy a book this month? Or will you buy a book for them as a gift?

Each purchase in December feeds a family for a day. Please share the journey, and feed lots of families!

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