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Speaking of sharing: Kindle Unlimited

22 Jul

Amazon has rolled out a new ebook subscription service called Kindle Unlimited that allows people to borrow “unlimited” books for $9.99 a month.

Amid everyone and their brother expressing opinions about it, one thing is clear:

Nothing is clear yet.

Well, OK, there are a lot of individual facts that are clear. But how they all add up – or how they might change – is not.

I’m going to take a hopefully optimistic tone:

1) All my books are available there, and since the 600,000 books on Kindle Unlimited is a limited slice of the pie that is Amazon’s listing of some 4 million books, I have a slightly better chance of people finding my books now.

2) What Amazon has been paying for such “borrows”—about $2 – is not bad for each book. I am hoping that stays the same. (Although I don’t actually get paid for Kindle Unlimited borrows, but for every time a reader gets past 10 percent of a book.)

3) That could add up to more income from my books. So far, I have discovered that being a novelist is just about the only thing that pays worse than being a missionary. J

So, in the spirit of sharing my books and getting the word out there, I would be delighted if Kindle Unlimited subscribers took a gander at any of my books.

Please let me know if you do; I’d be interested in what the experience is like for readers. Oh, and you can get a one-month free trial of Kindle Unlimited.

The House in the Old WoodKaria's Path

You can do that?

21 Jul

The House in the Old Wood coverOne thing people love about physical books is the ability to share them.

Turns out, people like that in ebooks too.

A recent study by Author Earnings shows that ebooks you can share outsell “protected” ebooks two-to-one.

Didn’t know you can share ebooks? You can. At least with Kindle books, with other Kindle users, you can.

You can share all my ebooks. (With one exception which I will fix soon.) And I encourage you to do so. Let your friends read them. You could do that if it was a physical book, right? You paid for it, right?

Oh, hey, some people got the ebook version of The House in the Old Wood free, didn’t they?

No matter. Feel free to share it. It’s yours. I gave it to you.

(At this time, new purchases of The House in the Old Wood are protected. I am having trouble toggling that to “off.” I will do so soon, but this may result in the book being unavailable for a couple of days.)

Free paperbacks on their way

20 Dec

The House in the Old Wood coverCongratulations to the 12 winners of free paperback editions of The House in the Old Wood, courtesy of Goodreads.

Thanks to all the folks who shared the giveaway on Facebook and other places, and to the 811 who entered the giveaway.

If you were one of the 799 who didn’t win a copy, and especially if you’re one of the 392 who put The House in the Old Wood on their “to read” list, there’s no better time to get a copy than now. That’s because this month, $1 from the sale of each book in the series The Day Magic Died will help feed needy people.

In fact, that $1 will feed a family for a day in Nicaragua, where Rice & Beans Foundation will use 100 percent of the funds to buy rice and beans for needy families.

So enjoy the journey and feed a family.

Still time to win a paperback

18 Dec

The House in the Old Wood coverYou still have a few days to enter a drawing for a free paperback of The House in the Old Wood.

The giveaway is going on over at Goodreads. If you’re not familiar with Goodreads, it’s a great community of people who like to read. If you like to read, you should check it out.

Twelve lucky people will receive a free paperback version of the first book of the series, The Day Magic Died. Already, 375 people have entered, but you still have a better-than-3 percent chance of winning one. Those are pretty good odds, all things considered. If my math is right. And please remember, I am a writer, not a mathematician. See, I just proved it: I knew how to spell mathematician.

Anyway, you can enter through Friday, Dec. 20, and I plan to ship the books out on Dec. 26. Sort of like a late Christmas gift. Enter here.

But keep in mind, if you want a paperback and you don’t win one, you can help feed a family. For every December purchase of a paperback or Kindle edition of The House in the Old Wood, Karia’s Path or The Hall of the Prophetess, $1 will go to Rice & Beans Foundation to feed needy families in Nicaragua, where a dollar buys enough rice and beans for a day.

I am SO thankful …

27 Nov

A gift ...I am so thankful for the many people who have invested in reading my books.

How thankful am I?

So thankful that I’m going to give you something in December that is better than a free book.

No, sorry. Yes, I’m talking to you, the one in the Jayne hat. Yes, you. No, not a new season of Firefly. Even I cannot do that.

This is better.

“A new car”? Come on, give me a break. On what planet is a car better than a book? A book can take you places no car can go.

Um, no. Absolutely not. I’m married. And I think I’d better stop taking questions.

You’ll just have to wait for it.

But it’ll last all December long, and I’ll tell you about it … Sunday. Or maybe Monday.

Golly, it’s like coming to the end of The House in the Old Wood, isn’t it?

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